Expertise and experience
Initiatives that contribute to a sustainable society generally receive widespread praise. However in many case they do not receive the support required to actually put the initiatives into practice. The Foundation for International Sustainable Development (FISD) addresses this issue by providing entrepreneurs with both professional advice and risk-bearing capital. To achieve this aim the FISD taps into its extensive network and experience in the sectors of waste management, sustainability and energy.

The FISD is dedicated to promoting a more sustainable society. In keeping with this aim the foundation provides relatively inexpensive loans to entrepreneurs around the world who wish to invest in sustainability. The FISD also extends risk bearing capital by participating in projects.

The FISD is an authority in the field of waste management, sustainability and energy. Moreover it is capable of assessing projects quickly and pragmatically thanks to its expertise in assessing business plans. Its experience in the field of fundraising and co-financing furthermore ensures a secure partnership.

In this way the FISD provides a helping hand to entrepreneurs who (still) cannot acquire financing from other financiers. These financiers refuse to provide funding because they either think the activity is too high-risk or because they do not posses sufficient expertise to properly assess initiatives in the field of sustainability.

Mission and vision
The current three board members established the FISD. They decided to set up the foundation after they had worked together at a company that dismantles refrigerating equipment without harming the environment. Their dedication to the cause of promoting a sustainable society led them to decide to allocate the company's reserves to this purpose. They show their commitment by helping entrepreneurs to establish economically independent companies. Companies that contribute to sustainability and that have the potential to repay the invested capital over time.

The FISD believes that the best way to fulfill its mission is by managing a 'revolving fund'. This means that in addition to receiving returns from the sustainable activities the foundation supports, it also generates income from other sources. These additional proceeds are used to maintain the fund's resources at an acceptable level.

Objectives of the FISD
The guiding principle is that all of the FISD's activities must contribute to a more sustainable society in the broadest sense of the term. The foundation aims to allocate one-third of its capital to participating in activities that promote sustainability and or realizing an annual increase in capital that is at least equal to the inflation rate.

This above all means that as a funding manager the FISD ensures a proper balance between risks and returns. All off its activities are carried out on a project basis. These projects can range from fundraising and the initiation ad development of 'own projects' to participation in new or existing activities.